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Boscawen’s Summer Concerts | Thursdays @ 7pm

Join us for a fun, free summer concert with your family and friends! Sponsored by Infinite Health Family Chiropractic, the concerts are held at the Boscawen Municipal Town Complex Field which is behind the Boscawen Municipal Offices at 116 North Main Street. Recommend a Band to Perform!


Boscawen’s History

This community was originally granted in 1732 as Contoocook, after the river of the same name. In 1760, the town was incorporated as Boscawen, in honor of an English admiral, Edward Boscawen, who fought under General Amherst in the conquest of Canada.

Admiral Boscawen was responsible for the capture of the fortress at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. The Contoocook Fort on the Merrimack, one of the first log forts constructed for protection against the Indians, was built here in 1739. In July 1997, the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery was established by legislature in Boscawen on 104 acres previously used as a state forest. Feel free to learn more about Boscawen, NH!