Update on Goodhue Road Construction

May 15, 2017

  • The Boscawen Public Works Department (DPW) along with a paving contractor will be paving Goodhue Road over the summer.
  • The DPW will be out trimming brush and tree limbs that are in the town's right of way. The right of way is not the edge of the pavement but is much wider than that. The right of way for Goodhue road is 49 feet.
  • The DPW will be cleaning the ditch lines and the edge of the pavement. If anyone has lawn and or landscaping in the right of way, the DPW will try to avoid what they can, however to maintain the ditch line and road shoulder some of these areas will need to be reworked. Any laws that need to see work will be loamed and seeded.
  • The paving crew will grind the road from shoulder to shoulder turning the road back to gravel, then grade and compact the road. After the road is graded it will set for a short time and then be paved with a base course of hot top. Driveway aprons that were cut or ground or damaged during this will be repaired after the road is paved. Paved aprons will be repaved and gravel ones will receive gravel.
  • The DPW will gravel shoulders and pave the swales back in.
  • This is a two year process, all the work listed above will be done this year.
  • The second year will be a wearing course of pavement and will include final tie-ins of driveways, swales and gravel shoulders.
  • If you have any question please contact the Public Works at 796-2207 or the Town Office at 753-9188.