Boscawen Info


We are a mix of the new and the old here in Boscawen, as we still are thankful for our roots of agriculture and farming, but welcome new technology and the 21st Century as a way to move our town forward.

Located nearly in the center of New Hampshire, our residents are able to travel in a short period of time to the different areas of our state. With the ocean to the east, the mountains to the north, cities and different cultures to the south, and beautiful landscapes and unforgettable sunsets to our west, here in Boscawen we consider ourselves lucky to call this town “home.”

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy our town because we really have such a great mix of 4 season activities available…with rivers, streams, and plenty of open space available for all, our town residents enjoy living in a small, rural community with the great outdoors literally just outside the backdoor.

Most of all, we haven’t forgotten our roots…that small towns are the majority in the State of New Hampshire and that together, we make things happen. We might not always agree, but we know that no matter what, when things get tough, neighbors always help neighbors.

It’s not just the American Way…It’s the Boscawen Way!

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