Hazard Mitigation Committee Needs Your PHOTOS

The Town’s Boscawen Hazard Mitigation Committee (HMC) is seeking your RECENT (2012-2017) Boscawen severe weather-related digital photos that display the problems of how natural disasters have impacted the Town. Examples can include: trees down or icy & arced, roofs covered in high snow, flooded roads & driveways, powerlines tangled, river erosion or high water, bridges inundated, culvert problems, road washouts, lightning or wildfire damage, etc. We won’t use photos that display faces or personal information unless they are Town first responders to protect privacy.

Please indicate the DATE (approx. month & year are best) of the event, LOCATION (road/water body where photo is taken), EVENT (what are we looking at?), and add your NAME so we can give you photo credit if your photo is used in the Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018 that the Town is currently updating. You can name your photo with this information or send it along in an accompanying email.

To Submit Photos: