Tax Collector

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we are closed to the public, however we still offer several options to pay your Property or Sewer tax.

1st option is on our Town website Payoff amounts are shown on the tax kiosk. As is last years payments for tax purposes.

2nd option is through the mail. Send us your remittance portion of your invoice with your payment in the form of a check.

3rd option is to drop off payments in our "Lock Box" in the foyer of the Municipal Building.

Currently there is not a cash option. Personal check, bank check, money orders or credit cards accepted. Please indicated if you would like a receipt mailed to you. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times for all.

Type of Tax2019201820172016
Municipal Tax:$ 8.08$8.15$ 8.24$ 8.82
School Tax:$15.45$13.86$16.48$14.60

State Education Tax:

$ 1.99$1.98$ 2.23$ 2.36
County Tax:$ 2.60$2.16$ 3.02$ 2.83
Total Tax Rate $28.12$26.60$29.97$28.61

Property tax bills are generally due July 3rd  & December 3rd. 

For a visual of how Boscawen's taxes have fared over the past few years, click HERE.

Additional Information

** You may now pay your property taxes on line by credit card or electronic check. The convenience fee for using a credit card is 2.95% of the balance you pay. For example, $3463.00 x 2.95% =$ 102.16. There is a 40 cent fee for an electronic check. This fee does not go to the town, but to the vendor who processes the online payment.

Please note that you can pay sewer bills online at this time.

** It is the policy of the tax collector to put any and all payments towards the oldest balance unless specified in writing to do otherwise.  Please use the following format:

I instruct the Tax Collector, or the Deputy, to apply this payment to my current taxes. I do not wish for this payment to be applied to any prior property tax liens that I presently have with regard to this property.

Property Address: ________________________________________

Signature of Property Owner: _______________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Nicole E. Hoyt Tax Collector (603)753-9188 Ext. 310
Sarah E Gerlack Deputy Tax Collector 603-753-9188 Ext 301