Boat Registration

Any boat operated on the public waters of New Hampshire, including tidal and coastal waters and all inland waters, must be registered and must display the bow number issued by the DMV as part of the registration process. Boats may be registered at any time of year, but each boat registration expires on December 31st of the year it was registered.

To renew your boat registration. The DMV mails renewal notices to boat owners prior to the December 31st expiration. To renew a boat registration, the owner should complete and return the renewal notice along with a check, cash, or credit card, for the proper fee (adding $5 to the total indicated on the boat renewal notice) This $5 is for you to aquire your stickers at the Clerk's Office. You may choose to save the fee and go directly to DMV Concord.

If you did not receive a renewal notice, or are unable to locate it, you may provide your previous registration certificate AND a completed and signed BOAT REGISTRATION RENEWAL APPLICATION instead.