Dog Licenses

Getting Your Dog’s License

In order to license your dog, updated rabies information must be on file at the Town Clerk’s Office. If one is not on file, please provide a rabies certificate when securing a dog license. The certificate and license fee may be mailed or hand delivered to the Town Clerk.  A dog license will not be issued without proof of current rabies immunization.

Dog Licensing Fees  

  • Altered Male or Female: $7.50
  • Unaltered Male or Female: $10.00
  • Senior Citizen Owner (first dog only): $2.00
  • Group License (5 or more dogs, same owner): $20.00
  • Late Fee per Month: $1.00 (beginning June 1st)
  • Civil Forfeiture – Unlicensed Dog: $25.00

Updating Dog Ownership Records

If you no longer own a dog or are no longer a Boscawen resident, please contact us so that we may update our files. We can be reached by phone at (603) 753-9188 ext 310 or by email.

Dog Licensing RSAs

The State of New Hampshire RSA 466:1 states: "Every owner or keeper of a dog 4 months old or over shall annually, cause it to be registered, numbered, described, and licensed for one year in the office of the clerk of the city or town in which the dog is kept, and shall cause it to wear around its neck a collar to which shall be attached a metal tag with the following information thereon: the name of the city or town, year of issue of license and its registered number. The tag and license shall be furnished by the clerk at the expense of the city or town. Regardless of when the license is obtained, the license shall be effective from May 1 of each year to April 30 of the subsequent year".

RSA 466:14, requires the clerk of the city or town to issue a $25 civil forfeiture to the owner or keeper of each unlicensed dog.